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Beihang University Shahe Campus

Beihang University Shahe campus is located in Shahe Higher Education Zone of Changping in Beijing, 26 kilometers from the main campus. Shahe campus covers an area of 970,000 square meters, that is 1,458 Chinese acres and an planning construction area of 620,000 square meters. The function divisions are students’ living quarters, cultural and sports activities areas, teaching experimental areas, logistics and basic support areas, national laboratory, apartment blocks of experts and other areas.
The construction of Shahe campus is an cornerstone of the future development of the school and a milestone in the history of school development. The construction of Shahe campus follows the principle of “one school, two districts”, that is, Shahe campus is the component of basic education and scientific studies, and is the extention of the school. In order to run Shahe campus well, the school proposed the guiding ideology and school policy of “first-class target and six strategies”.
“First-class target” is to construct a world-class university featuring the integration of aerospace technology and information technology and to construct “humanicism campus, green campus, technology campus, digital campus”. “Six strategies” are the extentions of school patterns, intensification of resource management, the standardization of service assurance, opening of common platform, high school quality and the integration of the development in two districts.
In accordance with the requirements of the school, the first phase of construction has covered 140,000 sqaure meters (13 buildings) since the implementation of construction in 2007, including students’ dormitories, dining halls, teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, the main distribution room, the boiler room, the sewage treatment station and sports facilities. Four builidings including students’ domitory, a engineering training center and a specialized laboratory, which covers an area of about 80,000 square meters in total, are under construction.
Shahe campus has a 400m standard track and field, a footbal field, a stadium platform for 1000 people, 12 basketball courts, 8 volleyball courts, 4 tennis courts, horizontal bar, parallel bars, 186m long TD runway and other facilities.
There are about 3000 trees, including gingko trees, Chinese parasol trees, Chinese scholar trees and so on. The school have finished the environmental greening surrounding students’ dormitories, greening of 11.6 square meters of areas to be built, an artificial lake(South Lake)and basically completed the central landscape corridor. The east gate of school has been finished to meet the needs of incoming freshemen.
There is a “cultural stone” with the school motto on it and there will be a 6-meter-high sculpture with the theme of school motto, titled “Words of a Century” and a sculpture named “Motto Tree” be placed until the central green belts are finished. In addition, there are two thematic walls exibiting science and culture, aeronautics and astronautics in the sunken plaza beneath the teaching buildingss.
There are a total distribution room of 10 kv and 5 branch distribution rooms. The school have finished power and water supply supporting facilities in students’ dormitories, teaching areas and experimental areas, utilities of dining halls, sewage treatment station, and supporting facilities of solar hot water bath. The fiber optic cable threading, Internet, security, access control, broadcast, campus card and covering of roadway have also been completed. What's more, there are a simple-equipped campus climic, a students’ laundry and a barbershop, garbage disposal and telephone services.
There are 321 monitoring probes covering the whole campus, including 64 probes in public areas and 257 in teaching buildings and students’ dormitories. Total monitoring equipment has been installed and there are three infrared probe of shooting security system and access control system apart from probe equipment in students’ dormitories.