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Dance in the Winter Waltz Party


December 15th witnesses the fabulous dance party held by two schools and brings warmness to the cold campus in this typical Northern winter. At five thirty in the afternoon, the Waltz party begins with the efforts of students from School of Energy and Power Engineering together with School of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences as another sponsor. The party has attracted not only the students from all schools in BUAA.
The party has set up three which respectively last for 20minute. All the participants in the party must join the party together with their partner to show what they have got in the past whole month during which they elaborately prepared for today’s show. At the same time, fantastic dance shows, talk shows and b-Box show are offered in the scene by the students from Class No.1104 and Class No.1126 and Class No.1126, which have won the cheers and applause among the audience. The faculty Council Advisers of these two host schools also join in the craze of the party. Finally, the climax comes. All the participants present dances together as if the cold winter is driven off by the enthusiasm in the room and all we left is the infinite warmness, romance and harmony.

Not only is this party a stage for students to take practises and show themselves, it is also a totally new attempt to take the notion of BUAA into practise--- liberal arts education and education with warmness----through an original and creative form as a party under the background of the carryout of the “Liberal Arts Class”.This kind of attempt will become the first step to try to cultivate the students’ spirits of challenging themselves and continuously strengthen their will and enjoy the process rather than the results to develop into open-minded elites.  

(In BUAA, the schools are numbered. The School of Energy and Power Engineering is School No.4 and the School of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences is School No.26 And each faculty in every grade forms a class numbered by a figure that contains 4 digits. The first two numbers imply the year when they are enrolled in BUAA. The last two numbers represents their school. For example, students in the Class No.1104 are from School of Energy and Power Engineering and admitted into BUAA in 2011.)