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Mark ? Kelly, a gest of BUAA auditorium



The American aerospace craft Commander Mark Kelly has been to the Beihang auditorium to give a speech.
On December 14th, Beihang Biology and chemical Institution and foreign Language Institution, co-organizing with Shaklee (China) to held the lecture in the Yifu Science and Technology Museum.
“Beihang Auditorium” is aimed to reconstruct the campus culture and promote students’ all-round development. It can not only help the students to broaden their horizons and inspire the thinking but also to the benefit of fostering “national talent”
Mark Kelly, the former American NASA astronauts and director of the space shuttle, has been to the outer space for four times and spent 38 days in the outer space. Since 2011, he has become the American NASA astronauts and was appointed as the director of the space shuttle in 2006. In 2011, he became the director of the Endeavour. Mark Kelly has represented his real experience in the outer space in order to provide more space information to the students.