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The 2012 Freshmen Debate Contest Inaugurate


On Nov.14th, the Lecture Hall at Lab.building 205 is full of students, with nearly all seats occupied at 14:30. The debate teams representing all schools are gathering in this hall and embrace for the coming feast of thoughts and arguments together. The sixth Beihang Debate Contest for Freshmen inaugurates with heated atmosphere.
The open ceremony begins with the speech of a skillful senior debater who introduces debating skills to the freshmen. The humorous talks of the senior impress the audience a lot. And the practical directions and genuine wishes send the positive message to the freshmen with encouragement. What’s more, the valuable experience about the debate is even more beneficial to the freshmen. The senior interprets the right attitude towards the debate in depth that is “the objective of the debate is not to beat down the opponents but to get your voice and thoughts across and finally to make your idea get recognized. He also offers advises on dressing, etiquette and style of speech and thus gain himself with wide popularity. The university Student Union president coming from School of Mathematics and System Science also offer some suggestions and apprehension on the debate contest, which are really inspiring.
The nest part of the inauguration is the first contest which is fantastic and drastic. The two sides are the team of Flying College (Pilot Training) and the team of School of Materials Science and Engineering. High-spirited and vigorous, the debaters fight with words and show the mien of Beihang students. The motion is what kind of people the contemporary universities should cultivate, the all-rounder or the specialized person?Eight members of the two teams provide the audience with excellent arguments and subtle strategies, which reflects nothing but critical thinking and creative perspective to look upon the common issue in life. What’s more, the politeness of the debaters is a vivid interpretation of the appropriate social manner. The reaction between the audiences and the debaters bring the atmosphere in the scene to another climax.
The debate contest is hosted by Student Work Department and jointly supported by the School of Mathematics and System Science and Beihang Debate Club. The characteristic of the contest is that “Debate for everyone, debate for friends”. Earlier time before the contest, every school holds a contest to select the elites from all the students in their faculties, in which students took part to argue with your roommates. The debate contest will last for a month, which is hoped to become unforgettable to every freshman involved.