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Synopsis of Aeronautical Department


To accord with the new subject layout of BUAA, to cultivate students with substantial background, wide professions, and adaptability to the development of modern science and technology, Aeronautical Department was settled in June 2010. The department consists of School of Jet Propulsion and School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering, which are the eldest schools with the most distinguished feature of aviation, the most respected faculties and the most outstanding graduates. School of Jet Propulsion, and School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering, used to be School of Aircraft, were the departments established earliest in 1952 since BUAA was founded.

Faculties from School of Jet Propulsion and School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering in Aeronautical Department are advanced. There are 82 professors (all of them are PhD supervisor) and 87 associate professors, 73% among all are full-time teachers and 76% of the young faculty members have PhD degrees. It’s an awesome team well-structured in profession, age, and educational background. Particularly. there are 6 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science or Engineering, who are Gao Zhentong, Liu Daxiang, Li Chunxuan, Chen Maozhang, Wang Jun, and Li Tian. 8 Yangtze River scholars who are Fu Huimin, Sun Xiaofeng, Sun Mao, Yang Jialing, Gao Yitian, Tao Zhi, Wu Zhe, and Wang Jinjun. 5 young professors who are Xu Liping, Sun Mao, Sun Xiaofeng, Qiu Zhiping, and Wang Jinjun were awarded the National Outstanding Youth Fund. Our faculty is one of the best among all the aeronautic colleges and universities.

School of Jet Propulsion in the Basis is a multi-discipline institute offering 8 PhD,9  MSc and 3 BSc degree study of 4 Level Subjects. The PhD programs include: Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering (National Key Discipline), Fluid Machinery and Engineering (Key Discipline in Beijing), Engineering Thermophysics, Thermal Engineering, Turbomachinery & Engineering, Low temperature refrigeration, Chemical Process Equipment, Utilization of Transport Facilities. The MSc program is the same as its PhD counterpart with one extra: Aquatic Acoustics Engineering. The BSc program includes: Power Engineering of Flight Vehicles, Thermal Energy & Power Engineering, and Traffic & Transportation Engineering(Civil Aviation Maintenance Engineering).

The Department of Aviation Science and Engineeringwithin the administration of Aeronautical Department, involves 3 first level disciplines, 10 second  level discipline, and commitment to undergraduate teaching of Aircraft Design and engineering, Aircraft Environment and Life Support Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Of all the First level disciplines, Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology ranked first in China, Mechanics ranked second; Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology, Mechanics are national-level key disciplines. The school has 8 doctoral programs, 10 master's degree and 3 post-doctoral research station, Mechanical. Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology is first level discipline for a doctorates. Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Aircraft Design, Ergonomics and Environmental engineering, Engineering Mechanics , General and Fundamental Mechanics are all national key disciplines. 

Aeronautical Department established Joint Council of dean, co-presided over by the dean of both schools. Minister and deputy minister of the Aeronautical Department, are presided over by the Undergraduate Education Associate Dean, secretary of sub
??-party committee and charger of
Department of Student Affairs Management of the two department as the regular rotation . At present, Ding Shui ting ,Dean of school of jet propulsion, and  Yang Chao, dean of school of Aviation Science and Engineering, are taking turns to preside . Li Qiu shi, ,vice dean of school of jet propulsion ,was elected to the minister of Aeronautical Department. Li Guang chao, secretary of sub??-party committee of Aviation Science and Engineering, was elected to the deputy minister of Aeronautical Department. The Aeronautical Department office,affiliated to Aeronautical Department is tasked to fully implement all work of the department. 

Aeronautical Department carries the earnest expectation of “aviation power”. This is a hall for knowledge to blend and collide. This is platform for a broad and diverse communication and presentation..More importantly,this is a harmonious big family where the aviation students from all around the country to get together in pursuit of of aviation dream.

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