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Introduction to the Division of Information


With the deepening of the reform in education and the renewing of management and teaching style in Shahe Campus, Division of Information at Beihang University, which is consist of all freshmen and sophomore students of School of Computer Science and Engineering and School of Software, was founded in September, 2010. Breaking the traditional  department boundary, the establishment of Information Division is conducive to the interdisciplinary exchange and the mechanism Innovation, via integrating teaching resources of two departments and striving to the promising future together, with a research-oriented, wide-ranging specialized cultivating mode on the basis of the perfection of the former general education.

The Division of Information is resolved to implement the overall plan of BUAA, which is the realization of becoming a "top-rate university in China, well-known throughout the world" with the extension of style, the intensification of resources, the standardization of service criteria, the openness of public services platform, the optimization of construction quality and the integration of two campus’ development. In addition, the division also takes much account of cultivation principles of undergraduate students, with the general objective of cultivating high-quality specialized personnel, who are adaptable to the needs of the future world, having team spirit and the potential for innovation.

The   philosophy of education is defined as " the guiding ideology which directs the conduct of moral education, the highlight of basic knowledge and skills which are achieved by construction of the academic discipline, the cultivation of break-new-ground spirit through the encouragement of scientific practice training and the overall development escorted by the in-depth consulting”. Upholding the certain principle and being backed up by the imperative resources of Xue Yuanlu Campus, the division keeps reforming deeply, developing positively, guiding diversely, enhancing construction, stressing innovation, improving the quality of teaching, emphasizing creativity, constructing a proper environment for the cultivation of specialized personnel and creating highly- qualified graduates.

The Division of Information put significant emphasis on the cross-campus extension of course systems and teaching staffs. The division, now, has two first-grade key disciplines (Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering) and seven majors (Computer Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application core courses such as Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Probability and Statistic, College Physics, College English, College Chinese and specialized subjects such as Discrete Mathematics, Program Design, Algorithms and Data Structures, Principles of Computer Composition, Software Engineering and so forth. The Division of Information is also proud of a strong contingent of top-flight faculty, including 50-plus professors, and 60-plus associate professors, 50% of which participating in the teaching and instructing in the front line.

Taking the growth and continuous development of students as the starting point, the Division of Information sticks to the student-oriented approach by upholding the principle — “All for the students and for all the students”, possessing the double- function of service and education, highlighting both communication and guidance, harmonizing the working objectives with the demand of the country, society, university and the students, preparing the most important step-stone on their way to success and sparing no efforts to maximize and optimize the work performance.

In addition to the achievement of intended goals, the Division of Information devotes itself to exploring and carrying out the idea of liberal education by organizing various extracurricular activities in Shahe Campus of Beihang University. For instance, the “The presentation and evaluation of Excellent Class Collective” among freshmen, evening schools, the first Sports Culture Festival, the “second classroom” specialized in programming and 10-plus lectures. Organizing and participating in activities render an ocean of opportunities for students to study persistently at a feverish pitch, to corporate with team members and to attain the goal of self-educated, self-regulated as well as mutual-comminuted. At the same time, students in the division broaden their horizon as exchange students to Japan, Singapore and alike, beneficiary from the actively promoted international exchanges and cooperation.

 In an attempt to teaching reform, the division set up an experimental class of 20 students of excellent qualities, who are selected through all-level of interviews and assessment.  Small-sized class teaching in core courses such as Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra and College English by eminent professors or lecturers makes it possible to create a high teaching quality , cultivate comprehensive quality of the students and pave the way for the competence of future researches. Meanwhile, the experimental class attaches great emphasis on the methods of divergent thinking and hands- on experience, combined with the technological innovation ability. 

Association of two schools includes members of president, vice president, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of both school of Computer Science and Engineering and School of Software. Each school president presides over the meeting for a turn of duty. The head of the division is Lv Weifeng, professor, president of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, and Zhang Jiong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, is the vice president of the division, under the direction of whom, seven college counsellors are engaged in all fields of endeavor.

The intense competition in an era of ever-changing information technology means that one will lag behind or even perish without continuous progress. All faculties and students of the Division of Information are resolved to carry on an enterprising and innovative spirit to build a first class research-oriented schools renowned internationally and to cultivate the promising pillars of the country with overall leadership.