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Logistic Service Center


Logistic Service Center, founded in May 21st, 2010, is headed by Shahe Management Committee, Shahe Party Committee Office and Beihang Logistic Group. It bears the responsibility for catering service, estate management, regular bus service, telecommunication service, commercial service, Web service and medical service.

Logistic Service Center has a staff of 200 people. It comprises Customer Service Department, Food and Beverage Department, Estate management Department, Web Service Department and Clinic. Customer Service Department provides service and negotiates internal department work. Food and Beverage Department is in charge of food and beverage. Now a dining hall and a
Muslims'canteen have been opened. Estate management Department is in charge of property service. It comprises System Operating Department, Maintenance Department, Apartment Service Department, etc. Web service Department in charge of network operation and maintenance. Clinic provides medical services.

The school’s goal will be carried out and the school’s policy that “clear mechanism, effective work, service upmost, steady operation” will be adhered by Logistic Service Center in the process of teaching and researching. Its work is always based on the teachers’ and students’ requirement. It emphasizes the service level. It wants to meet the requirements that are “high level, high standard, low cost and low consumption”. It promotes to be more professional and guarantee the production and food safety. It is in the aim of providing the best logistic service for both teachers and students.